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Jul 222011

Passing Parameter To A MySQL query Inside A Shell Script.
From time to time, I found myself need to run some adhoc queries to pull data. I found that it was more convenience to create a shell script that could accept the query files as variable and can pass variables to the query.
Here is an example. I have a query to pull customer data from a customer table. It looks like this: Continuar… »

Jul 222011

A Request Tracker (RT) enables you to keep a record of all the operations performed in MySQL database. RT creates a session by using a MySQL database, a PERL (Practical Extraction and Report Language) based main engine and front-end web and mail interfaces. However, if RT is unable to store your transactions made into the MySQL component, chances are that your MySQL component is either corrupt or missing. Corruption of MySQL database component can occur due to MySQL database server malfunctioning, operating system failure, malicious software like virus and more. In such situations, you need to recover the MySQL database component by restoring it from the latest backup. But, if you have not maintained any backup or backup falls short of providing the required data, then you should repair your corrupted MySQL component to extract data from it. To do so, you need to use advanced application. Continuar… »